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And the nominees are...

It's always lovely to get a nod of approval from the universe

And what's even cooler, I'm really proud of the voiceover projects that have earned me two nominations at the One Voice Awards 2024.

My narration for nature documentary "Creatures of the Kaleidoscope" was one of my favourite projects from last year.

Hannah Jodie Alexander shot and directed a mesmerising adventure into the depths of the ocean, which has gone on to win awards in the wildlife film sector. I absolutely loved bringing the personalities of the natural world to life, so it's a real compliment for the film to be recognised for Best Documentary Performance too.

Now my radio commercial for Umbrella Health, directed by Simon Galloway, was just FUN. We chuckled through Joshua Raven's playful & effective script, and so I'm delighted it's earned a nom for Best Female Radio Commercial.

I love this job. The VOs I know are some of the most driven, talented and generous artists I've ever met. I'm so excited to be recognised alongside them here


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