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And the winner is...🥲

Picture this: Vancouver Island, a sunny Saturday afternoon in May. I've just finished a glorious hike with friends and am kicking back at a small local brewery overlooking the Salish sea, horizon dotted with pine trees.

Pretty spectacular.

Suddenly, my phone starts pinging. I'm getting messages from four different pals - and I realise they're all at the One Voice Awards in London.

Telling me I had just been awarded Best Female Radio Commercial 2024.

I couldn't believe it.

I couldn't believe I wasn't there in person to receive the award and celebrate!!

But immediately, I realised it felt a little special to be in a totally different environment.

To process it personally and reflect on my journey over the last few years.

There have been MANY invaluable players in my journey as a VO artist since 2019. From Nick Clinch kickstarting my journey and mentoring me, to numerous VOs who have been generous in their advice along the way.

For this particular project for Umbrella Health, I must congratulate Joshua Raven for his witty, natural writing and to Simon Galloway for this session.

On top of that, I want to shout out the legend that is Rick Loynes. Rick has championed me, quietly, sincerely, since early days in my career. He brought me into the Bauer fold, has made me cry-laugh on countless remote recording sessions, and has given me a whole lot of confidence, particularly in this genre.

And this award is a huge nod to his support.

When I landed home to a box on my doorstep, I thought I'd film this wee proud moment below.

Ultimately, the creative arts are not about awards or trophies. It's about connection.

Time and again, I'm most grateful for my network. Thanks to Gravy For The Brain & the voting panel for this recognition. Thank you to my lovely VO pals who contacted me at the time, and here's to my fellow brilliant creative hustlers making magic


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