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What A Night! OVA ’22 | May 2022

To be nominated for Best Character Performance (Animation), alongside such stellar talent, was pretty special.

Check out my nomination nearby – the voice of the host for the Science X Festival at the University of Manchester, produced by Born Communication!

The standard of work across the board was unsurprisingly fantastic. Congratulations to Marilla Wex for the win! As a newbie in comparison to many in the space, there was so much to learn & enjoy from simply soaking up the talent & generosity of spirit in the room.

And it was cause for celebration not only to meet friendly new faces in the industry, but also faces that I have known only through mics and screens for the past 2 years! Finally!

Thank you to Peter Dickson, Hugh Edwards & all the team at Gravy For The Brain for supporting the VO community and creating this space for recognition. There were so many joyful, welcoming conversations that made my night. The voiceover industry can be a uniquely solitary experience, so to be able to share & celebrate it is not only important, but total rock n roll


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