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THE SQUARE goes to Raindance 2023

Our film has been selected for Raindance Film Festival's Open Shorts

🎥 screening on Monday 30 October 2023 🎥

This shoot was so much fun, and I can't wait for all the team's brilliant work to finally be shared with the world!

"In your latest novel, she isn't a good person. She impersonates, she lies, and she gets away with it. But none of that matters, because she's likeable. How do you manage that?" ✍️

Written & Directed by Raindance-nominated Thomas Arensen & Amelia Lander

Starring Cassie Vallance, Gareth Cassidy, and myself 💋

Executive Producers: Samantha King Holmes and Aabid Dhamani

Editor: Roman Kuznets

DOP: Conrad Magan

1st AD: Olive Pascha

1st AC: Jack Cowls

2nd AC: Adam Bridge Robinson

Art Director: Portia van de Braam

Hair & Make Up: Emma Rose Artistry

Production Assistant: Lydia Slack

Composer: Hana Stretton

Grading: Anton Sarmont

Sound Design: Gerardo Pastor-Ruiz



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